About Us

The Off-Duty girl is courageous, passionate and a curious adventurer. She radiates femininity with a spark of rebellion. She is open to the wonders of the world and most importantly, she emits confidence.

Off-Duty Clothing is a collection representing the modern millenial girl. Founded by Philene and Tim, the brand is inspired by fashion all over the world.

Having travelled the coastal regions of Europe, to the bustling streets of South East Asia, to the golden shores of California that we call home, it is our very mission to combine the beauty of global fashion whilst keeping our prices affordable. Together, we believe that fashion is an amazing platform for individuals to make a statement, and that everyone should be able to afford what makes them look and feel good.

For us, this is more than just a mere place to sell clothes. It is a platform that ignites your creative lifestyle and inner barefoot adventurer whilst celebrating a universal love for fashion.